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Who I Am

I am a Mom, an attorney, and the former executive director and general counsel for a women’s rights foundation. I am a dreamer, a believer, and an agent of change. Women’s issues are my passion, and it is with this mindset that I created Inkwell.

The Problem:

In some respects, we are lucky. Our generation of women has been offered choices. Some women stay home and raise their children with single-minded effort, while others work and maintain a strong focus on their careers.

But the choice to do both is often limited. Part-time opportunities and flexible job arrangements are an emerging solution offered by only a handful of the most forward-thinking companies.

Because of these limited part-time opportunities and the commitment required to raise a family, many Moms (and some Dads) decide to leave the workforce, often permanently. This is a great detriment to parents and the economy.

Change is necessary. Inkwell was conceived to create opportunities for the legions of talented parents who are looking for flexible employment, but still want to be challenged, recognized, and rewarded in their careers.


The Solution:

Inkwell connects these talented parents and other flexible workers with businesses and nonprofits who need specialized help on a part-time or project basis.

Inkwell is more than a network. We are a true support system, providing our talent with opportunities for ongoing education and inspiration. We organize periodic events and speakers to help our candidates keep their skills fresh and connect with each other.

We are here to help; it is our mission to create a new template for the next generation of daughters who will see that raising a family and focusing on their career is not only possible, but empowering.

do good

Inkwell is a company that was designed to do good in the world. We want to help bring flexible job opportunities to people who have been traditionally left out of the workforce: military spouses, veterans, people with disabilities, retirees, and of course, women.

5% of our proceeds go to nonprofit partners working to support military spouses and people with disabilities.

At Inkwell our mission is threefold: We want to give back to our communities, promote more diversity in the work place, and create a path for the generation that will follow in our footsteps.

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